The Old Trail Printing Company is was founded by Mr. Fred Whiteman in 1928. The company took its name from the street that it was built on. It was the National Old Trail, or Route 40, as it was known at the time.


In 1964, Mr. Whiteman sold the printing company to a young man who worked as a press operator at a local printing operation. His name was Bernie Held. He was determined to grow Old Trail Printing into one of the finest printing companies in the greater Columbus area. Bernie laid the foundation for the key element that would separate us from the rest of the crowd for generations to come. His passion for excellence in printing extended well into the values and character of the people he employed.


In 1987, Bernie passed away at the age of 61, but his legacy lives on at Old Trail Printing. After 56 years in the business, Bernie’s son Mike Held is still playing an active role in daily operations as CEO. Along with two of his children Lisa Wynkoop and Chris Goodrich, he leads the company with the same ideals that Bernie embodied. Our people are still our most valued asset. The Held family’s passion for quality, people, and excellence in printing services remain the same. See for yourself. We know what really makes a printer great and you’ll find it all at The Old Trail Printing Company.


In this fast-paced, ever-changing world we live in, it’s good to know that some things haven’t changed and at Old Trail Printing, our commitment to quality and service at a fair price, never will.




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